Friday, April 24, 2015

DC April 2015

We had been wanting to make a trip to DC for almost a year but were not able to make it work. We were so excited to make this last minute trip out to the Temple and to see our friends. It was the most beautiful weekend and the weather was so nice. We drove there after work on Friday night and then we explored most of Saturday and Sunday. We were able to eat at some of our favorite restaurants, go to the Temple, and spend time with our friends. I was not able to do as much as I normally do because my walk has turned into a waddle since I am 32 weeks pregnant but it was still so much fun.

Every time we go to DC I have to get a toasted marshmallow shake from good stuff eatery.

I had been craving Café Rio my entire pregnancy! It did not disappoint. I probably could have eaten it for every meal.

We were able to go to the DC Temple on Saturday night. It will probably be our last Temple trip before the baby arrives (it is getting harder to drive for 3+ hours now). The DC Temple is one of the most beautiful Temples. I also love the DC Temple grounds at spring. I just love the tulips and trees with all of the blossoms and leaf buds.

I cannot believe I am 32 weeks pregnant in this picture. Time has flown by.

We were able to explore some of the sights which was really fun. We went and saw the White House and the Washington Monument. This is the first time I was able to see the Washington Monument without scaffolding.

One of my favorite memorials is the Navy Memorial. It has the lone sailor standing in the middle of what appears to be a boat. Matt wanted to take a picture by the lone sailor so he was not so lonely.

DC is so beautiful in spring. I think it by far the most beautiful place in the springtime. There are all of the trees and flowers that are blooming, the tidal basin has cherry blossoms and then there are these random trees that have the most beautiful purple flowers growing on the trunk and budding from the branches. It is so fun to be driving or walking and see a bunch of green trees and the one purple tree that just stands out in the middle.

Matt and our friend Brad went on a long bike ride through DC. They went on the tidal basin and over to the monuments. 

The blossoms were in full peak the day before but they were still beautiful when we visited. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Phipps Spring Show 2015

The spring in Pittsburgh this year started a little late for my taste. Most of March was still cold. We decided though that we needed to celebrate spring this year after such a cold winter. We decided to go to the Phipps Conservatory Spring Flower Show. Phipps is this huge conservatory in Pittsburgh that has flower shows year around. They constantly change it to coordinate with the season. My favorite sow is always the spring show. Matt and I took our cameras out (no these photos are not from my camera but from my phone) and went exploring.

Matt snuck a picture of me taking pictures.

The rain and rainbow room. Also the bump that cannot be hidden now.

That night we went out to dinner to a yummy Indian restaurant in town called Coriander with some of our friends. My friend Kerri and I had planned a date to take the boys out to Indian food and then go home and watch the movie "The 100 Foot Journey".  Matt and her husband Mike had never had Indian food before. We walked the boys through the menu and tried a bunch of different food on the menu. Matt and Mike loved the food. It was so yummy. After dinner we went back to our friends and watched the movie. It was fun to watch the movie again with the boys. They loved it and had an even greater appreciation after eating Indian food before. It was such a fun filled day.

Me in front of the painted wall on the side of Coriander.

End of 2014

The last few months of 2014 were really busy for us. Matt and I were just talking about how almost every weekend we had something going on. I also was in my first trimester and was always really tired and nauseous. I went to bed most days at 8:00 P.M - 8:30 P.M. I also had horrible skin for my entire first trimester. I was lucky though because I could still function and was able to work the entire time. I was not throwing up and was not on bed rest. I feel so blessed that I was able to function, work and cook during my first trimester.
I was about 9 weeks in this picture and was so afraid everyone at work could tell I was pregnant. Looking at it now I feel keep thinking hello I had a flat stomach not a basketball stomach.

Matt went to Boston for a weekend trip and on the way back stopped in DC and was able to see our friends at the airport. It was his first time meeting their baby. I had met her before when I went out to DC to help our when she was about 6 weeks old. He was so happy to finally meet and hold her.

For thanksgiving we got together with some of our friends and made a big feast. I made the turkey and was really impressed with how it turned out.
That Sunday our friends stopped by with their adorable little girl on their way back from Ohio. It was so fun seeing their girl and playing with her.

Christmas is one of my favorite times in Pittsburgh. We went to light up night and saw the fireworks and all of the fun decorations downtown with a few of our friends. Their kids were loving the fireworks and were all laughing.

The Cathedral of Learning all lit up for Christmas.

We took this picture when I started my second trimester to let our family and friends know that we were expecting. The little shirt says "MADE IN PITTSBURGH". We were so excited and could not wait to tell everyone.

My parents and brother came out to visit for Christmas. We explored the city and spend all day Christmas with them. It was the first time I saw my brother since he got back from his mission. It was so fun. I still was not feeling that good and was only able to do a little bit but it was fun to see them at the beginning of my pregnancy.

I was starting to get a little bump. My brother thought it would be fun to compare bumps.

We had an extra day after my parents left for Christmas so we took my brother to one of our favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh. It is called Church Brew Works. They make the best homemade root beer. I could have had an entire gallon of root beer that night but I tried to limit it. My brother thought it was the coolest restaurant and was laughing about it the entire time. If you know my brother he has the best sense of humor and is fun to hang out with and take to unique places like this.

Monday, March 30, 2015

California Trip Early March

Matt and I went to California for his last spring break ever! We went and visited our families. It was a nice trip and we enjoyed the warm weather since it was in the negatives the week before we left.

I had been craving In n Out my entire pregnancy so far so I told my brother and parents that my first stop was I wanted to go to In n Out. Our flight got in at 10:00pm and then we went straight to In n Out. I felt like I was in high school again after an Irvine dance.

We went for a walk at Strands for sunset and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Matt took my dad and brother to Sushi for my dad's birthday. I was able to spend the whole morning with my Dad going on a beach walk and breakfast. It was fun to be able to spend his birthday with him.

My mom's sweet friends threw me a baby shower when I was home. It was so nice seeing a lot of the women I knew growing up. My cousin drove from Arizona. I loved seeing a lot of women who made such an impact on my life.

After the shower we drove down to Carlsbad for my dad's birthday and we looked at the flowers and then went shopping.

Six (and a half) months pregnant. I was begging to feel big.

We visited Gigi and Bompa and went to her favorite place on the island. We went and got root beer floats and yummy lunch. John and I got to spend the day together which is always fun.

Baja Fish tacos is my favorite. It is always on the top of my list of places I need to go to when I am home.

We went on a lot of morning walks. It was so nice to not have to bundle to go for a walk.

It was in the 90's for a few days that we were there and we went to the beach and pool to cool down. It was so relaxing.

We also went to the overlook and ate dinner at sunset. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Early 2015

So January and February of 2015 were very cold here in Pittsburgh. We found out the sex of our baby and had our ultrasound. I also finally started feeling better after going to bed for the last two months at 8:00 pm every night. 

At around 18 weeks. The bump finally started to pop out then.

At about 19 weeks here and we were still curious to what we were having.

We had a few days that were warmer and sunny in January so we decided to bundle up and go for a walk.

We were so excited for our ultrasound and we scheduled it on a Saturday so we could take as much time as needed and could then go buy some cute clothes for our new baby. We arrived at the hospital where we will have the baby 15 minutes early and went right into the Ultrasound. It was so neat to see the baby sleeping and then moving around. I was shocked by the fact that the ultrasound was so long and that they measured and double checked everything with our baby. The baby kept punching the ultra sound wand, was sucking her thumb, and even had a gigantic yawn.

We could not wait to find out what we were having. Matt was convinced it was a girl from the beginning but I was not as certain. At the end of our ultrasound we were able to definitely tell that it was a girl.

January and February were record cold months in Pittsburgh. We bundled up a lot and walked to an indoor track so we could walk for 30 - 40 minutes. On almost every walk it put baby girl to sleep right away. 

Our favorite treats in Columbus.

When I was 22 weeks we went to Columbus to go to the Temple. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a great day.

Luckily my coat still zipped through January and February. This was my look (not very fashionable but warm) almost every morning as I left for work. I had so many layers on. I did not look pregnant at all until I got to work and took off the multiple coats, pants and sweaters. At least I was warm though throughout the record lows.

At around 25 weeks one of my girlfriends invited me to a private yoga class at Athleta.